Vertical Steel Plate Lifting Clamp

1 Application : lifting and transporting steel plate vertically
2 Range of working load :1-16 T
3 One clamp is used in the tests but in real cases two or more clamps are recommended.
4 Only one layer of plate being lifted each time. lifting more than one layer of plate is prohibited. The steel plate being lifting shall be kept away from crashing on any other objects. when lifting the steel plate, the handle must be turned up and turned down when unloading.
5 The tested loads of DSQ 1,DSQ2,DSQ3,& DSQ5 are all 2 times of working load limit, the minimum breaking load is 4 times of the working load limit. The tested loads of DSQ8,DSQ12,DSQ16 are 1.5times of the working load limit, the minimum breaking load is 3times of the working load limit.

Horizontal Steel Plate Lifting Clamp

This clamp is designed to lift and transport steel plate horizontally

Range of working load :2-10T

Two clamp are used in the tests, but in real case four clamp are recommended The levering beam is needed when the steel plate is too long

Tested loading is 2times the Working Load Limit

Minimum breaking Load is 4 times the Working Load Limit.